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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  March 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this afternoon, we spoke briefly with trayvon martin's parents about this latest development. >> that is the same feeling we were feeling, something was not right with the case, and we appreciate some of the things that are coming out now. >> her ex-husband tracy martin and she have been in washington this week meeting with lawmakers and testifying on capitol hill. here, they have had to defend their son on news he was in sanford after being suspended from the miami area school for having traces of marijuana in his backpack. earlier this week, the orlando sentinel reported that george zimmerman told police trayvon martin attacked him, punching him in the nose and pounding his head into the ground. meanwhile, students at dunbar high school held a rally in support of martin today. dozens of students stood outside of the main entrance listening to speeches, wearing hoods, carrying signs and holding packages of skittles. when martin was killed, police say he was on the way back from a trip to the store where he
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had bought the candy and some iced tea. brian? >> all right. paul wagner. thank you for. that. a congressman got kicked off of the house floor for wearing a heed. bobby rush, a democrat from illinois, wore the hoody to make a statement about the killing of trayvon martin. he said it doesn't make you a hoodlum but the house has a clear dress code. the fate of president obama's healthcare laws in the hands of the supreme court. the nine justices wrapped up a never-before-seen three-day hearing into whether the landmark law was constitutional. tom fitzgerald was in the chamber for all of it. and has this report. >> reporter: the nine justices of the u.s. supreme court had not one but two issues that they had to grapple with. first, if the president's health care law, which includes a mandate to purchase insurance is unconstitutional, does that, in essence, throw out the entire law. secondly, they had to look at the expand of the medicaid program and whether that is in and of itself was
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unconstitutional. after six hours and three days, the finish line appeared at the supreme court. [ cheering ] >> reporter: after looking at whether the healthcare laws mandate to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional, the justices took on a bigger question: if the mandate is thrown out, does that mean the entire healthcare law struck down as well? again, the divided court took opposing positions. conservatives said because the mandate is the cornerstone of the healthcare law, the law must be struck down if the mandate is unconstitutional. >> there is no way that this court's decision is not going to distort the congressional process. whether we strike jet all down or leave some of it in place. >> one provision was stricken and the others remained to impose a risk on insurance companies congress had never
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intended by reason of this court. >> reporter: liberals argue that rather than having the justices wipe out the president's entire law, the court should keep parts of it that having to to do with the mandate. >> the choice between the wrecking operation, which is what you are, or a salvage job, and the more conservative approach is salvage rather than throwing out impaving. >> what is wrong with leaving it in the hands of the people who should be fixing this. not us. >> the court took up the question of medicade asking did the government's expansion of medicade and healthcare law exceed the government's constitutional powers? and, once again, conservatives said yes and liberals said no. >> the federal government is saying we're giving you a boat load of money and there is no match in funds if requirement, no extraneous conditions attached to it. just a boat load of federal money for to you take and spend
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on poor people's healthcare. it doesn't sound coercive to me, i have to tell you. >> it seems to be a significant intrusion on the sovereign interest of the state. maybe something that they gave up many decades ago. >> reporter: in the end, what the supreme court decides healt decades to come. from here, the justices return to the chambers the next few weeks and to discuss the case. we're not expecting a decision until june, which places that in the middle of the presidential election. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. the edge on maryland now. a dramatic armed car jacking in prince georges county. happened in the 5200 block last night. the victim was walking into the house when two armed men demanded money and forced him to get into the car. they forced the victim to take out cash and drove back to the victim's neighborhood, they saw police and crashed the car.
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the police say one fired shots at the officer, you one under arrest and the other on the loose. and prince georges county police released a copy of the ticket written for the council member and and issued a ticket for an unsafe lane ha$90 fine o and this iscaing questions about preveient rule treatment. the parents of two virginia tech students killed in the 2007 massacre are seeking $4 million in damages. the jurors ruled that this state was negligent. they ordered each family $4 million. the state asked for a $100,000 cap on the claims. the attorneys are trying to recover 2 million per family from a fund that covers workers for damages related to their official actions as state employees o. and virginia tech announced the first lady michelle obama
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will give the commencement address this year scheduled for friday, may 11th. they call the first lady's decision to appear a exceptional and noteworthy honor. and down but not out. that could be the motto for ron paul. he'll join us for in a few minutes. why he's not willing to leave the presidential race. and a horrible hollywood movie with some horrible diamonds. why the future of neighborhood watch might be in jeopardy. sue. and you know most of the day was nice. got up to 72 degrees and some showers have developed. they pushing south of d.c. and i will let you know who we have more in the forecast later on tonight. and better not ruin the golf game. gary said i can play golf tomorrow morning. the redskins are appealing right now. the big sanctions put, pone them on the salary caps scandal. and that is easy for me to say. we'll tell you where the redskins stand. and if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tipline.
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. >> the susan g. komen foundation cancelled one of the biggest events of the year and in is not saying why. it usually holds lobby day to push for government research and treatment programs. the daily beast said the cancellation could be linked to the funding plat and they pulled funding from planned parenthood and had reversed the decision but already angered many people. bad timing and two celebrities with their tweets. first up, 20th century fox is pulling's new comedy trailer because was trayvon martin shooting, the name of the movie, "neighborhood watch." they're suburban dads who join a neighborhood watch group to present an alien invasion.
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doesn't sound like the trayo von incident but they're trying to be sensitive. the trailer won't be shown anymore and they have a replacement version. be careful what you tweet. a couple wants spike lee to apologize after putting their address as george zimmerman's, the couple is so scared of being targeted, they moved -- moved into a hotel room. spike lee has since taken down the tweet. and justin bieber may be in tweeter trouble. he posted a fake number online telling his 19 million followers to call him and now an condition-year-old great grandmother's phone in texas is ringing off of the hook. take a listen. >> justin, i know you're there. call me. >> and they have hired an attorney to stop the phone calls. the friends tell her to just change the number. she said she has had the same
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phone since 1996, and she's not changing it now. >> and back to you. the forecast is next. first, if you ask fans for the favorite memory of whitney houston, a lot of them will say the body guard. it's marking the 20th anniversary tonight, meaning can you see it in theatres tonight at 3 local theatres. fairfax county -- fairfax town center, the bowie 14 and -- [ indiscernible ] ernible ] 
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? >> the battle for the republican presidential nomination rages on, and that means every delegate counts. two candidates are here locally. tonight's campaign for votes. newt gingrich spoke at georgetown university this afternoon after joining wtop radio this morning and is explaining his decision to lay off 1/3 of the campaign staff and admits it was a necessary
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move. >> and after responding to reality, we had the cash -- where they would like to you be, and we're doing the appropriate things for the campaign. >> and mitt romney spent the day with jay leno. rick santorum in wisconsin and ron paul is preparing for a town hall at the university of maryland and representative paul joins us live from college park. good to so you tonight. i would ask you the same question put to newt gingrich today. has reality sunk in, perhaps w your campaign given the number of delegates and what a lot of people would think would be a lack of momentum? >> it's not over until someone wins. we're still in the race, and the delegates haven't been counted in a lot of states where we have had some straw votes in. the delegate count doesn't always reflect the straw votes and we're interested. >> are you hoping for a brokered convention? >> that would help us.
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romney is so far ahead at the moment. a brokered convention is a possibility, the first time they considered it in many, many years, and people try to say it's terrible. you can debate the issues and that is what i'm interested in. >> and perhaps a lot of people would wonder how at this point in the game, you were labeled and ostra sized as the guy with the wild ideas and that stuff. the more we hear from other candidates, a lot of people would wonder why are you getting the reputation, when we're talking about colonies on the moon? >> and wild ideas like the constitution. wild ideaings like when you need money, you're not supposed to print it. wild ideas like don't go to war, and to balance the budget. they're wild ideas and they're not conventional and that is true. the conventional wisdom of both of the parties is that the status quo s you spend deficits, keep spending and
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print the money, don't count the foreign reserve, you have the same foreign policy of occupation and nations building and policing the world and it's coming to an end. financially, it's not going to last, and that is why we're in the midst of a financial crisis, a reflection of a worldwide debt crisis and which has been generated by a dollar reserve currency and has to be addressed. >> and i don't hear any of those themes echoed in the front runner mitt romney's campaign. can you get behind a mitt romney presidency in. >> and that depends. i won't be able to do it if he doesn't agree with my views and i don't agree with his views, and who knows what will come between now and the convention. i think he's capable of changing his views and maybe they will come out. >> and do you get the sense that these -- and about mitt romney being wealthy, the latest in the press was that he has an elevator for his cars at a beach house.
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you get the sense that stuff is sticking to him and dragsing him down and giving your campaign momentum? or do you feel that that is tired, particularly in the republican circles? >> and you don't hear me talking about that. that is why they think i have an alliance with him. only because i think he's falsely charged for things, i defend him and like statements that heis into firing people, things like. that i think when people get hit like that, i defend them, and this idea you hit him because he happens to have earned money, i think the other republicans made a serious mistake doing this. i don't do. that i'm more interested in his foreign policy and what he thinks about the national offense act and those are, to me, very important issues and as well as the federal reserve and that is what will make the difference on how much i give him support. >> and thank you very much for your time tonight.
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best of luck. >> and you welcome. >> check the weather any time. we doll that after listening to sue palka. >> and i will save you the trouble. >> yeah. >> and we have had some showers, mostly south of d.c. and in a few more hours, the front will come through and nice today, right? yeah. >> and the sun is back out and some showers have come and gone and those of you to the south, seeing a few and some stronger thunderstorms to the south and west. you were briefly warned in shenandoah, page, and to rockingham county and this is what is across the region and can you so a couple of showers and pushing along 95 and there is nothing severe. can you see we have a couple of showers and maybe some heavier
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downpours and coming across 95 here and to spotsylvania and they look look they're making good time and most of the area is going is to start on the drying pattern were. here we go, watch the skies clearing out and that is still a lovely evening. more energy through west virginia and portions of western virginia and we do have for the lower shenandoah valley, a thunderstorm watch until 9:00, and not many reports of severe activity out of that and this is stronger to western pennsylvania, they produce the gustyinds with and that is going -- gusty winds and that line goes out through kentucky and the frontal system into western pennsylvania. and once that crosses, the winds will pick you later and they will be with us overnight and during the day tomorrow. this was nice today, getting up to 72 degrees and so much for the march lion and this is an unbelievable month. dulles, 73; bwi, 72 and we're
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comfortable and to some 70s. take the walk. 72 for quantico and annapolis and to the north and west, 75 in hagerstown and why so warm? the front is to the west and have a south wind. it will be a few more hours before the wind shifts and we bring in some cooler temperatures and that isno the that cool. detroit, 57 degrees and cooler air comes in here tomorrow and by cool, i am still talking 64 degrees and that is four bones degrees above average this time of the year. the wind tomorrow could gust to 30 miles per hour between say noon and 3:00. and it will be gusty most of the rest of the day as well. a little more rain in the forecast friday night and late after 11:00. most of friday is descent and into saturday, the temperature in the low 60s both of those days. sunday, looks like the drier day for the weekend. and that gusty wind develops and a few clouds expected overnight and that is a warm
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temperature overnight, 54 degrees and there is no froze warning tonight and tomorrow, breezy and cooler and some sunshine and what you will notice is up to 25 or 30 and all things considered, side night, the last night in march and we bring in april on a lovely note on sunday and with plenty of sunshine and the temperature of 68 and that big jump up from monday, brian. >> looks great. >> yeah. >> and what do you think so far? >> sounds good. and the weather app is on the app store and go to our website. the maryland women's dream comes up just short of the final four. dave feldman is up next with the sports edge. first, a dui suspect waves his right to remain silent. -- singing's classic my queen. the police in canada placed the suspect in the bank of a cop car where he launched into a full rendition of bohemian ran
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. >> good afternoon, the nfl owners meetings wrapped up. the commissioner said there is no date for the arbitration hearing on that salary cap penalties. yesterday, the owners had 29-0 to support the commissioner's penalty of 36 million against the redskins cap and 10 million against dallas' cap and meanwhile, a lot on the line and washington capitals laid an egg. losing to buffalo, 5-1 and things got off to the a right start. stolen and mccormick scored the first goal of the game. second period, the caps on the
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power play and a chance to tie it and he beats michael noibert, the short-handed goal in a win and caps, two points out of the playoffs with five games to go. >> and play-off hockey, and have to go in and we give up too many chances early. you can't fall behind in the league and we did last night and paid the price for it. >> last night, the maryland women facing notre dame in the elite eight and ended early. a look on the field, scoring two of the team high 17 and game tied early, 12-12 and the irish dominated notre dame with the block and that save down court. twenty points, 10 boards and 11 assists and they fall to notre dame, 80-89. and the closer will begin
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the season on the disabled list and me has inflammation in the right elbow. and this afternoon, the top of the 4th. and washington leads 1-0 and jason wi are, th and nats -- jason wirth and nats up 2-0 and inducing that to second base. rodriguez with the second state of the spring and the nats hold on for a 3-2 win, six spring training games remain. and while you were sleeping, major league baseball got underway in toke yeah. and ichiro lines the fourth hit of the game for a base hit and slides in for the second run of the inerin on inning and tied out and they win 3-1. and former maryland
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quarterback announced he's transferring to wisconsin and he chose the badgers over penn state and with two years of eligibility remaining and it was russell wilson who transferred from nc state. and that is sports. i'm dave feldman. back to you. >> and one last look at the forecast, sue. and a nice one, brian. the dry day tomorrow, 64 degrees and cooler than today was and the breeze is going to be picking up out of the northwest at 10 to 20 and on friday, looks ago. >> and back here at 10 on the news edge.
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